by Jarrod Drysdale

Design is a skill anyone can learn

Have you ever read a design tutorial, and by the end felt even more confused about how to design a real project?

So many design blogs, books, courses, and education dwell on esoteric and distracting theory that doesn't help you make design. I teach design without the fluff. I'll teach you which topics you can safely ignore and how to learn to design without beating your head against the wall in frustration.

If you are a developer, coder, hacker, or if you think you can't design because you're not 'creative' enough, you're in the right place. You are an incredible designer—you just don't know it yet.

Design is a skill you can learn. And you don't need any kind of artistic talent (whatever that is).

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I also make products for people learning design, especially coders:

Become the designer your startup needs

Bootstrapping Design is an ebook about design fundamentals
self-published & over 1800 copies sold

Stop wrestling themes and get a real design

Cascade.io is a design framework for startups & coders

About Jarrod Drysdale

My approach to design is about instinct because I learned in high pressure situations. Launch in a week or lose the client. Make it pink or get moved off the project. Other designers are more academic in their work, but I like to jump in and get my hands dirty. This makes me uniquely positioned to teach you.

My writing contains the hard-won lessons from my career so far (10 years). If you follow my advice, your hard work will be more focused and efficient. You'll develop skill and instinct. These will make you a good designer, and these will benefit your business far more than the fad topics on popular design blogs.