by Jarrod Drysdale

Design is a skill anyone can learn

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What if you could design it yourself?

You’re going to start a business. You’ve done the research. You’ve got a concept. You’ve been reading about this stuff for months. Maybe you’ve even decided on a programming language and framework or a hosting solution. But design. What about design?

Last time you bought a design template, the results were, to put it nicely, less than ideal. You ended up adding styles and hacking some of the modules anyway. It actually caused more work in the long run.

You browsed a few designers’ portfolios, but when it comes down to it, $100/hr is a lot to pay just to launch an app that doesn’t even have a market fit yet.

Last time you cobbled a design together yourself, it was stressful and you just weren’t happy with the result. You know great design when you see it, but you couldn’t find any blog posts or books that helped you really understand how to create a design from scratch.

UX, UI, and aesthetics are supposed to be part of creating a product from the very beginning, not just icing you slather on at the end. But you don’t know where to start. You aren’t a designer, after all. You’re stuck.

What if there was a way to learn? What if you really could learn to design it yourself?

Bootstrapping Design will teach you how. You’ll learn a reliable process for producing quality design that supports your business. You’ll learn design basics that will serve you well the rest of your career. You’ll learn how to start with a blank screen and how to evaluate your work to make it better. You’ll gain a better understanding of design so you can launch your business, and later, as it grows, you’ll know more about what to look for if you need to hire a professional designer.

The ebook is available today. You can view a sample and learn more about it at http://BootstrappingDesign.com

Leave a comment below, or shoot me an email at hello@BootstrappingDesign.com with questions or feedback.

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I also make products for people learning design, especially coders:

Become the designer your startup needs

Bootstrapping Design is an ebook about design fundamentals
self-published & over 1800 copies sold

Stop wrestling themes and get a real design

Cascade.io is a design framework for startups & coders

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