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Guest post:
A Smart Bear

I’m thrilled to have written a guest post for A Smart Bear about how value pricing earned more money with fewer sales.

It’s a counterpoint to Sacha Greif’s post last week about the pricing strategy for his ebook. Since we both launched our design ebooks on the same day and used different pricing strategies, the comparison and ensuing discussion should be really interesting!A Smart Bear is one of the very few consistently good startup and marketing blogs. A sincere thanks to Jason Cohen for the chance to write there.

Go read it!

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  1. Darius Tan says:

    Hi Jarrod,

    I was wondering if you used DRM to protect your content? I’m curious because I’m about to release an e-book to a pretty tight community, and was curious if you had any concerns (or lack thereof) of massive pirating.


    • Jarrod says:

      Hey Darius,

      No, I didn’t include any DRM. I can see how people would worry about it, but you have to consider who you are writing for. My audience was telling me months before launch things like: “Take my money already! Launch it now!” Considering that, I don’t think they intend to torrent it. If your community is tight-knit, I don’t think it should be a concern.

      Plus, I ascribe to the view that piracy is free marketing. If they stole it, they probably wouldn’t have paid anyway, right?

      Shoot me an email and let me know how the launch goes!

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